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Extensive product catalog

Explore a diverse product range, offering an array of options to satisfy your needs and desires in our extensive catalog

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Merchant categories

Discover a wide array of merchant categories, ensuring you'll find everything you need in our diverse marketplace. Shop with confidence, knowing it's all here.

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Adaptive search bar

Effortlessly find products and services with our adaptive in-app search bar, ensuring a seamless and location-specific search experience tailored just for you.

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Multiple orders

Simplify your shopping process with batched orders, coordinating multiple deliveries in a single checkout, all within one convenient platform.

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Advance scheduling

Plan your orders in advance for significant events or meetings, even from merchants with closed hours when you make the order.

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Effortless Checkout

Experience a smooth and streamlined checkout process, ensuring a simple and hassle-free shopping experience. Enjoy the convenience of seamless checkout.

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Payment options

Choose from diverse payment options, including e-wallets, e-vouchers, banks, cards, and mobile money for convenient, flexible transactions that suit your preferences.

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Instant transactions

Experience the speed and efficiency of real-time payments, ensuring your financial transactions are swift and seamless, whenever you need them.

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Simplified expenses

Effortlessly track expenses with our user-friendly tools, making financial management a breeze, and helping you stick to your budget effortlessly.

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Fast delivery

Experience swift, dependable doorstep deliveries with our fast service, ensuring your orders reach you promptly and conveniently.

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Live tracking

Live order tracking empowers customers with real-time updates from store to doorstep. It enables merchants to monitor deliveries, ensuring top-notch service.

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Quick payouts

Merchants enjoy daily settlements, swiftly transferring earnings to their bank accounts on our platform. Experience fast, hassle-free financial transactions.

Let your business drive with Cashia

Empowering you with business tools

Empowering  you to spot opportunities, predict market trends and customise strategies for informed decisions that connect with your audience.

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Empower your brand, expand your reach.

Every merchant deserves a chance to shine in the digital marketplace. Whether you're a small business with a handful of products or an established brand with an extensive catalogue, we've got you covered.

Stay ahead of the curve with Cashia business analytics.

We equip you with the insights needed to adapt quickly to changes, outmaneuver competitors, and secure your position as an industry leader.

Frequently asked questions

How do I become a Cashia merchant?

Very easy! Get started by downloading the Cashia app, create a merchant account, set up your business profile , add products and start selling today.

How can I create and upload short videos of my products on Cashia?

Creating content is easy! Simply access the app's user-friendly interface to record, edit, and upload engaging videos showcasing your products. if you already have content just upload and link your products to start selling today.

How does Cashia simplify business management for merchants?

Merchant platforms are essential for any business. Our platform offers an easier/streamlined way to manage your transactions, automate your sales process and  keep your operations organised.

How does Cashia help me connect with a wider target audience?

As a Cashia merchant, you get to showcase your products to a bigger & more diverse audience through a shareable link to your social platforms. Your audience will get redirected to your Cashia shop once they click on the link.